At Roadster, we believe in dealers helping dealers — sharing knowledge, insights and tools that can help each other succeed. With that in mind, we’ve created the Roadster Referral Program.

As a Roadster power user, we invite you to help other dealers in your network share in your success by introducing them to Roadster’s products and services. For any dealer that you refer who signs a contract with us, we’ll credit both you and them with a free month of Roadster’s Express Storefront.*

How It Works

  1. Share your success with other dealers in your network. If they’re interested in learning about Roadster, submit their names and contact information on this page.
  2. We’ll contact the dealer(s) you refer to schedule a Roadster demo.
  3. You’ll be notified when a dealer you referred signs a contract and you both will receive a free month of Roadster’s Express Storefront.*

Referring dealers will receive a free month of Roadster’s Express Storefront for every referred rooftop that signs a Roadster contract. If a dealer group is referred and signs a Roadster contract, referring dealers will receive up to 3 free months of Express Storefront per group (no exceptions). Referring dealers will be credited for free month(s) on their next invoice. Referred rooftops will have their first month credited upon going live. No credit will be given to rooftops that are already in the contract stage. If multiple dealers refer the same rooftop, credit will be given to the dealer who referred them first.