Gen Z Buyers’ Approach to Car Buying


Turn Gen Z Shoppers Into Buyers

When it comes to Gen Z car shoppers, there are a lot of assumptions. To go beyond the stereotypes, we conducted new research to find out what they really want from their car-buying experience.

Our results shed new light on this often-misunderstood group. For example, Gen Z shoppers use the internet to look for cars more than other age groups, but they still come to the dealership to complete their purchase. This is just one way Gen Z has proven to be a surprisingly complex and thoughtful generation — and one dealers need to get to know better.

From This Webinar Learn How To:

  • Educate Gen Z buyers and help them understand their options
  • Reduce friction around options and additional fees
  • Reduce the amount of time around the transaction
  • Inspire trust from Gen Z as their auto-buying source


  • Joel Bassam, President, Easterns Automotive Group
  • Chip Alvey, E-Commerce Director, Oxmoor Auto Group
  • Brendan Dougherty, Director of Product Marketing, CDK Global