Express Store Live

Conversational Commerce for Today’s Modern Dealership

Buy Express Store Live and get Express Response free for 3 months — a $1,500 savings!*


Roadster’s live automotive experts know the ins and outs of your Express Store. Unlike chat providers who use bots and are only incentivized to secure leads, we provide detailed answers to customers’ queries and guide them deeper down the purchase funnel. In fact, customers who use Express Store Live are 30x more likely to click “Test Drive,” “Reserve” and “Buy” CTAs.


Express Store Live and your Express Store were designed to seamlessly work together. Within the chat itself, we leverage your full set of Express Store features to help customers build deals and complete any portion of the checkout process online.


When we answer customers’ initial questions, 85.5% continue chatting with us. And the average Express Store Live conversation lasts 26 minutes — 2x the industry average.1 Afterward, 79% of customers respond to dealer follow-up and 35.5% of deals close — 2x the industry average.2

To learn more about Express Store Live, please complete the form and your Regional Sales Director will contact you shortly.

1. Average industry chat length is 11 minutes. Source: 2020 Interactive Customer Service Report, “LiveChat.”
2. Average industry close rate for deals involving chat is 16%. Source: DealerRefesh, “Managed Chat Performance 2020.”
*Available for purchase as an Express Storefront add-on. Promo is available through June 30, 2021. Standard terms and conditions apply. Express Storefront training and integration costs still apply.