Dealer Impact Study 3.0

Digital Retailing is Not DIY

We just conducted our third Dealer Impact Study since the start of the pandemic. This time, we set out to learn how digital retailing usage impacts ROI. 

Roadster and NADA surveyed hundreds of dealers and over 1,000 car buyers, and — spoiler alert — we were impressed by the lift in digital-retailing ROI metrics since our previous Dealer Impact study, in September 2020.

Some key takeaways:

Faster Transaction
84% of consumers said their most recent car purchase was more efficient than their previous one; 92% when they completed the purchase entirely online. 

Higher Satisfaction
76% of dealers increased their CSI when they used digital retailing with every customer. 

Greater Profitability
73% of dealers made the same or more F&I profit with digital retailing; 82% when it was used with every customer. 


Download our report and explore the human side of digital retailing, where people and platform converge.